Just like on FourElements I worked on this project with my team. If you wanna read up on what tools we use, check out the FourElements post.

Our second game is a puzzle / logic game with the simple goal to guide the ball into the goal in different worlds with unique obstacles. The player has multiple types of lines at his hand to tackle the hurdles in his way. In the attached screenshot you can see a level in the wild west world. Besides the standard obstacles like circle, square and rectangle there are a stone, a pickaxe and a bullet in this world. The obstacles can move from waypoint to waypoint in a circle or back and forth, additionally the time for remaining at a specific waypoint can be set individually. Each obstacle is able to rotate, too. The game is supposed to have five worlds each one with its own theme and a set of unique obstacles. Additionally, we want to implement features like buttons/switches or springs for more creativity.

Technical Details:

Personal Development:

In this project I did a lot of UI work with LibGDX and the Scene2D Extension. I had problems at first with the aspect ration and the responsiveness on different screen sizes, but in the end I found a perfect solution for my needs. It was also the first time that I used the Box2D library. It’s really popular and has many ports for different languages therefore I had a lot of resources to learn from and I could wrap my head around Box2D’s physic bodies quickly.