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My local football club didn’t just need an informative website, but a platform for fans, players and the whole club. There are regular game reports, news about the club life and informations about the team.

At the beginning the club only had a Facebook page where the game reports where posted, but soon enough the need for an own web presence arose. The most contact requests for friendlies and game layings came over Facebook which was very inconvenient. There needed to be an easy and uniform way for outsiders to contact us. With the domain registration came also a fitting email address and the website provides a phone number for game layings.

Fans and everyone interested who doesn’t have access to Facebook can read the newest game reports and stay informed about upcoming club activities. Additionally, one can sign up for the email newsletter that notifies you whenever something new is happening.

There are announcements in form of images to make fans aware of upcoming matches. They hold important informations like when and where the matches are and creating these announcements used to be a tedious task. Now the announcements can be generated easily through a web interface.

Match Announcement Generator

Technical Details:

Personal Development:

For this project I started getting into web hosting. I compared multiple web hosting provider and focused on finding a good VPS offer. With this I wanted to surpass the restrictions of normal web hosting. The reason for this was the need for multiple websites on a single environment and further projects that wouldn’t be possible with normal web hosting. I’ve developed the announcement generator with the PHP port of the ImageMagick library. I already had experience with Magick++ (the C++ port), but not in PHP.

Website / Generator