My name is Jann

I'm an aspiring game developer who wants to get into the gaming industry


About Me

Broad Range of Interests

I love to get my hands on anything tech related. Specializing in one or two fields is really important, but having a good base knowledge in many things is just as important.

Life is a Game

It is meant to be enjoyed.
As much as I love playing games, I love making them. I'm currently studying Game Development to make my way into the industry.

Nordic by Nature

Born and raised in northern Germany, I love the people, the flat land and our accent. Maybe one day I will create a game based around that whole culture.

My Skills

Coming from the web, I now specialize in game development.

From being a self-taught PHP Developer, trained Java EE Developer and Hobby Maker, I am now on my journey into the game industry. Even though I sometimes go back to my roots, I come closer to becoming a great Game Developer everyday!

  • 01-Game Programming (Java, LibGDX)

  • 02-Game Development (C#, Unity)

  • 03-3D Modelling (Maya)

  • 04-Web Development (Java EE, PHP)

  • 05-Native Android Development (Java)


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Cups of Green Tea

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Me

If you're interested or have any questions about me or my work, feel free to contact me any time. You can reach me under my email address or use one of my social media channels at the bottom of the page.