DJ Aeffie


This project was requested by a befriended DJ, who wanted to improve his reachability and create a more professional web presence. In a meeting we conclueded the need for a static website. The design aimed to be modest and use a carmine color decently within the theme of the site. Texts and images were provided by the customer.

During the development process new requirements arose: One is a contact form which sends customer requests via e-mail to the DJ and also a confirmation mail to the customer. And the second one is a guestbook that enables customers to write a review and rate the DJ’s performance during their event. These new requirements changed the type of the website from a static to a more dynamic one.

I purposely used no CMS like Wordpress since the original request was a static website. Fortunately the new requirements didn’t need one either, so I could implement them with a few lines of PHP.

Technical Details:

Personal Development:

This was my first private project that was developed after the requirements of an actual customer. I was in constant consulation with him and had to react to changes quickly. I had all the freedom I wanted to get the job done. First I wanted to finish this project without using PHP and to avoid redundant work like implementing the footer and header on each page I decided to use the static site generator Hugo. Additionally it enabled me to write the content in Markdown. Due to the changing requirements and the use of PHP code Hugo got to its limits and I had to insert the PHP code after the final generation of the website. Fortunately this only affected two pages and therefore didn’t produce much additional work.

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